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In the New Economy No One will Actually have a Legitimate Business or a Job - Everybody will Just be Magically Rich - Scamming and Defrauding Each Other with Tech - Startup - Real Estate and Financial Hocus Pocus.

Defying All Known Economic Fundamentals and Standards - Chasing After the Same Dwindling Supply of Real Money.

Driving Range Rovers - Bentleys and BMWs - Wearing Rolex Watches - Living in Ten Thousand Dollar a Month Apartments - Condos and Houses.

Dining Lavishly - Going to Disneyland and Ducks Games - Living the Legacy Good Life - “All on Lines of Credit” and Somehow Magically Paying Taxes Too.

While City Hall - Congress - Public Employees and Developers - Feed Each Other Grapes and Drink Up - Licking - Sucking and Masturbating Each Other - Always Using "Your" Money.

Sexting Kids - Driving Drunk or Stoned and Crashing Into Trees - Molesting Police Explorers - in a Continuous Corporate and Municipal Corruption and Credit Orgy - Group Fuck - and Circle Jerk.

The New Economy is that – There is No Economy.

Goodbye Doctor - They Speak English in Sacramento Too - Better Hire a Tutor!
The Good Doctor -  Steven Choi Has Lots of Secrets It Seems - But - Is He an Illegal Alien Too
"That fateful morning more than 45 years ago, Choi had recently been discharged from military service in the South Korean Army. He hadn't gone back to school yet but dreamed of becoming a reporter in Korea."

"The radio announcement said they were looking for people to teach Korean to Peace Corps members in the United States."

"He hopped on a bus to city hall and filled out the application, along with 850 others. A written exam narrowed that pool to 25. After an oral exam and a one-month teaching program, Choi was one of 18 teachers sent overseas."
2.7 Million Dollar Korean Garden to be built at city park! - Why Not a Cowboy Museum Instead - Steven

Here's the Latest on the Great Pork!

Somebody Call the Police ! - All the Money's Gone and Everybody's All Lawyered up!

Former Irvine Police Officer - Sam Allevato - a spokesman for the Design Studio - a team of dozens of contractors hired by the city to plan the park - said the group was "working with [Bovis] to correct any misunderstandings."

Great Park Auditor Details Massive Waste and Abuse - "Upon contacting Gafcon and Ken Smith - we were contacted by their attorney - Gafcon's General Counsel who informed us that they would not speak to us. Forde & Mollrich has also refused to speak with us."

Irvine Council OKs Great Park Forensic Investigation - "It's the most important question I get around the city, around the county frankly: What happened to all that money out there?" Councilman Jeffrey Lalloway said. "The issue is, do we have $215 million worth of things at the park."

The Great Park Forensic Audit and Declarations have arrived!

Lennar - whose name was so "Good" they had to Change it to Five Point Communities is throwing money around again - just like Santa Claus.

Now - what used to be the proposed Orange County Great Park - is going to be the Irvine Great Country Club.

Just ask yourself how many folks from other Orange County Cities - like Santa Ana or maybe Anaheim are going to drive into the heart of Irvine's new McMansion Community of Million Dollar Homes - and play eighteen holes of Golf there.  LOL

WTF - So it's been ten minutes since you were T-Boned by a UPS truck - and Now you're having a heart attack too - where is all of the help? At LA Fitness Of Course.

Be a Stopper not a Shopper - when you DON'T BUY ANYTHING IN IRVINE you STOP the corruption at Irvine City Hall and the Police Department!

This Guy - Sean Joyce - Irvine City Manager - takes almost $500,000.00 - that's Half-A-Million - out of the general fund himself alone - each and every year - that fact alone should cause you to leap into action, and STOP him.

Sean Joyce's salary benefits and perks alone - since his employment with the City of Irvine for just a few years - would have been enough to offset the current -$9.8 Million Dollar Budget Deficit - a deficit which is sure to grow to -$50-100 Million Dollars - and soon - guess who's ultimately going to be asked to cough-up those Millions. 

As the recession batters city budgets around the U.S., some municipalities are considering the once-unthinkable option of dissolving themselves through " disincorporation."

Benefits of this move vary from state to state. In some cases, dissolution allows residents to escape local taxes. In others, it saves the cost of local salaries and pensions. And residents may get services more cheaply after consolidating with a county.

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