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"We’re going right down the toilet, and it’s a made-in-China toilet.

Navarro says you can even see the effects at U.C. Irvine, where, he says, Chinese students, paying triple the in-state tuition rate, are displacing native Californians, while the Chinese parents are scooping up local real estate.

Generally all cash deals.

So your argument is, unfair trade practices, they amass dollars, they bring the dollars back here, they buy up property, and they drive up real estate prices?

That’s right. And they drive up rents for younger people. They will drive up home prices for first-time homebuyers. So it’s not just that we’re losing jobs and factories.
We’re giving away our homes, our businesses, our companies, our technologies."

In the New Economy – No One will Actually have a Legitimate Business or a Job Everybody will Just be Magically Rich – Scamming and Defrauding Each Other with Tech – Startup – Real Estate and Financial Hocus Pocus.

Defying All Known Economic Fundamentals and Standards – Chasing After the Same Dwindling Supply of Real Money.

Driving Range Rovers – Bentleys and BMWs – Wearing Rolex Watches – Living in Ten Thousand Dollar a Month Apartments – Condos and Houses.

Dining Lavishly – Going to Disneyland and Ducks Games – Living the Legacy Good Life – “All on Lines of Credit” and Somehow Magically Paying Taxes Too.

While City Hall – Congress – Educators – Reverends – Public Employees and Developers – Feed Each Other Grapes and Drink Up – Licking – Sucking and Masturbating Each Other – Always Using “Your” Money .

Sexting Kids – Driving Drunk or Stoned and Crashing Into Trees – Molesting Police Explorers – in a Continuous Corporate – Educator – Religious – Developer and Municipal – Corruption and Credit Orgy – Group Fuck – and Circle Jerk.

Bank Robbers – Don’t Call the Police – on Other Bank Robbers.

It’s a Dummied Down – No Child Left Behind – Everything’s OK – Anything Goes – Walk Away – Bankruptcy – Eat Your Way to 600 Pounds – Have it Your Way – it’s not Your Fault – No Savings Account – Out of Gas – Jesus Loves You – Go Fund Me Page – Society.

The New Economy is that – There is No Economy.

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